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Mark Heilshorn


Dr. Andrew Crape received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in 2007 and worked as an equipment doctor for many large industrial facilities in the northeast including Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky. During this time he received teaching certifications in Kundalini and Kripalu Yoga which influenced his decision to leave the engineering field and follow his passion for health and wellness.

Dr. Crape received his Doctorate in Chiropractic and Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 2016.

His approach combines the physical, chemical, and emotional aspects of the body to restore balance and create optimal health.

Mark Heilshorn

Christine Beal Dunst

CEO and Co-founder, Embody Wellness Company

Embody Wellness Company is a team of AADP Certified Integrative Nutrition, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coaches and Experts who partner 1:1 and in groups with Clients, Corporations and Wellness Businesses. They focus on the WHOLE YOU to create customized wellness and nutrition programs unique to your personalized goals in a holistic, results-driven, and sustainable way.

Christine received her undergraduate degree in Health Policy from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Business from New York University. She worked in Healthcare Strategy, Consulting and Marketing at companies such as: Accenture and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kaiser Permanente, NYC Healthcare Policy Nonprofits, and Pfizer before going back to nutrition school and receiving an AADP Certification as a Holistic Integrative Health Coach and Nutritionist. She also obtained an additional year-long certification in Hormone and Gut Health and has partnered with hundreds of clients over her 10 years as CEO of Embody.

In addition to her formal education, Christine has completed additional training in: whole food detoxing, hormone and gut health with Dr. Sara Gottfried Dr. Aviva Romm, behavior change, positive psychology, emotional and intuitive eating, ayurvedic cooking, vegan cooking, yoga, stress reduction, mindfulness, and more. She also completed over 40+ hours of mindfulness, meditation and mindset coursework with Dr. Joe Dispenza through his “Progressive”, “Intensive” and “The Formula” courses. Christine has been a yogi and meditator for 20+ years and is a certified Pilates Mat Instructor.

When not helping others to EMBODY Wellness, Christine can be found in her kitchen with her two kids, spending quality time with her family and friends, doing yoga, reading everything wellness, exploring the farmer’s markets, traveling, and practicing self-care. Christine’s passion for wellness is evident in her lifestyle and how she EMBODIES wellness daily and holds space for her clients to do the same.

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