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Dharma Massage & Wellness in Westport, CT

Here at Dharma Massage & Wellness, we aim to help you find your calm and recapture your physical, spiritual, and emotional balance in life. Dharma Massage & Wellness is soul work accomplished by the science of touch. At Dharma, we listen to you deeply and help to set you free from your pain.

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Mark’s Journey


“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” Teillard de Chardin

Mark was born and raised on the East Coast. After college he worked for AmeriCares who sent Mark to Rome to meet Mother Teresa to seek her intervention in the Sudanese civil war to allow supplies to reach the people. This led Mark to earn his M.Div. at Yale Divinity school and his doctorate in Inter-faith studies. Mark became a pastor, got married, raised a family, and got divorced – then lost his way. Pain is a great teacher and Mark is a great student. After the Church, Mark became an entrepreneur and salesman, took up Bikram Yoga and hiking, and co-parented his three kids as a single dad. When a long-term sales position ended in 2017, he took off to Martha’s Vineyard, stood by the sea, and realized his new calling – massage therapy – for which he successfully trained and developed into Dharma Massage & Wellness and Dharma Equine Bodywork. Mark completes his therapeutic offerings by including Dharma Spirit Coaching. Highly credentialed and hugely talented, Mark is passionate about helping people.

A devoted dad, husband, avid gardener, environmentalist, and a force of nature when it comes to the great outdoors, Mark is happiest when helping you light up from within and helping every Body to feel better.

Dharma Leaf

When we flow, we are experiencing wellness – which means we are proactive in preventative care by making our body a temple of calm.


Mission Statement

From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel you are in a safe haven. Clients can instantly relax upon arrival, in our clean and airy spaces surrounded by our friendly and caring staff. Your journey with us will end in relieving your your pain and freeing your spirit, the kind of change that can make all the difference in your daily life.

Our Process

We personalize each massage to match what you need the most. Through our intake form, we assess your overall health, past injuries, lifestyle, exercise schedule, hydration, work habits, and massage goals. We work to explore your needs before the session begins so we can ensure that your experience is special and unique to you.


Mark Heilshorn

Meet Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn, LMT, MMP

I have always believed that the science of touch can facilitate physical and emotional healing which is why I love this work. Clients often remark how changed they feel following a massage and have nicknamed me a “massage minister.”

Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn, LMT, MMP, our licensed massage therapist, is passionate about the art of massage therapy, combining his skill and training into helping clients resolve conventional muscle and joint ailments while pouring pure energy into every session. He understands the stress of daily life, and knows how important it is to find the right balance again.

With us, you’ll experience much needed relaxation and spiritual alignment.

Helping Customers

We want to help you live a more stress-free life. After a long day at work or taking care of others’ needs first, you deserve a little you time. We offer relief from your physical stress and anxiety so that you can experience a better state of wellness. With routine visits you’ll be more connected to your work, children, physical activities, heart, soul and mind. Physically and spiritually feeling the benefits.
Mark Heilshorn

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