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Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means “right way of living, fulfilling our highest purpose, pursuing our truest calling, and following our sacred duty”.



Studies show that regular massage reduces stress, focuses attention, and energizes the mind, body and spirit. This helps us find our own truth and our ability to care for ourselves and others.

During massage, our body releases energy which allows us to align and heal.  Endorphins release and enter the blood stream allowing muscles and joints to relax. Hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine release to facilitate healing and reduce pain.  This is partially why our bodies feel so light and airy following a massage.

Our body is an electronic bundle of energy. Our bones, muscles and tissues have energetic current. When stressed, anxious, and emotionally taxed, our current is blocked and our energy stuck. Think of a kinked hose that blocks water from flowing. When our bodies relax, our energy untangles, tension is relieved and oxygenated blood flows to release tight muscles and joints, freeing up our flow.

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When we flow, we are experiencing wellness – which means we are proactive in preventative care by making our body a temple of calm.

Dharma massage helps you find calm and recapture your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional balance. Dharma massage is a form of the ancient “laying on” of hands. Studies show that people who are touched become more available, loving and responsive. Dharma massage deepens and magnifies our ability to dive into the heart of what ails us. Feeling liberated, we are free to embrace our spirit.

Dharma Massage is soul work accomplished by the science of touch. At Dharma, we listen to you deeply and help to set you free.


Each Dharma massage is custom designed for your personal wellness.

Dharma’s Intake Form assesses your overall health, injuries, lifestyle, exercise, hydration, work habits, and massage goals. Before each session, we meet briefly to explore your needs, answer any questions you may have and further customize your experience.

Dharma is a beautiful, calm, safe haven. You will instantly relax once you walk in. Clients are able to settle upon arrival – breathe deeply as strain releases. Our space is clean and airy with loads of natural light, under high industrial ceilings in a renovated factory.

It is casually intimate and luxurious, all-natural, and designed for maximum comfort. The oils and lotions are water soluble. Aromatherapy is offered for those interested in diffusion during a session. The sheets are 100% cotton and of exquisite quality. The treatment room and table are spacious. We begin and end each session with Tibetan singing bowls discovered during my travels through India – which quiet the mind and body.

Dharma Massage transforms you. Stress turns to peace. Frenzy to calm. Worry to balance and irritability to harmony. For our athletes, Dharma helps to increase performance and improve alignment allowing you to excel.

We work wonders at Dharma Massage.


I have always believed that the science of touch can facilitate physical and emotional healing which is why I love this work. Clients often remark how changed they feel following a massage and have nicknamed me a “massage minister.”

Mark combines his skill and training as a massage therapist with his spiritual power allowing him to resolve conventional muscle and joint ailments while pouring pure energy into your session. Mark’s hands are a conduit of a larger grace.

The Rev. Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn is a licensed massage therapist, a Masterson Method Equine Bodyworker, and an ordained Minister with a Masters in Divinity from Yale and a Doctorate from Hartford Seminary. Mark is the father of three, an avid gardener, outdoorsman, Pelatoner, and a nature enthusiast who loves horses, hiking, the sea and traveling.

DHARMA’S EQUINE BODYWORK utilizes the Masterson Method to allow horses to release their tension and improve their range of motion.

DHARMA’S SPIRIT COACHING helps individuals and organizations find a deeper connection between yourself and that which you seek.



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People Rave About Dharma Massage

“It’s not just a totally amazing massage, it’s an all around wonderful experience. I arrived a total stress ball mess, and when I left I was totally relaxed, kinks all worked out, and the energy of Mark’s Tibetan bells quietly vibrating from my head to my toes. Joy and bliss… not miss this!”

“Hands down, the most knowledgeable, talented, massage therapist I’ve ever worked with!! Mark is a great communicator and explains what he is doing, as he is doing it —another unusual and much-appreciated skill. His space is lovely, and soft, background music is relaxing. He’s the best!”

“Mark is a true healer and the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. When you enter the beautiful space at Dharma, you immediately feel relaxed and taken care of. Mark is truly knowledgeable and you always walk away from the session feeling that you have done something truly healing for yourself. “

“I left Dharma Massage feeling light as a feather- I actually felt like I was floating! Mark gave me a massage that felt customized to my physical and emotional imbalances- it was both therapeutic and relaxing. The space Mark works out of is light and airy, while also feeling cozy and safe. Looking forward to my next massage!”

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