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Peace and harmony exist here at Dharma Massage & Wellness. Enter a safe haven and be transformed.




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Find your perfect balance through Dharma Massage & Wellness. At Dharma, we help you find peace in your life through your body and soul. Visit our Massage page to book and learn more.
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Why Massage Therapy

Right living includes caring for our body.

Why Dharma Massage & Wellness? At Dharma, you will experience the many benefits of massage. Studies show regular massage reduces stress, focuses attention, and relieves pain. Dharma Massage & Wellness deepens, purifies and magnifies your energy for best living. By taking care of your body you will embrace your spirit.


Dharma Massage & Wellness is soul work accomplished by the science of touch. At Dharma, we listen to you deeply and help set you free.

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The Experience

We work wonders at Dharma Massage & Wellness.

Each Dharma massage is custom designed for your personal wellness.

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Before each session, we meet briefly to answer any questions and further customize your experience. Dharma’s Intake Form assesses your overall health and massage needs.
Dharma oils and lotions are organic and water-soluble. Aromatherapy is offered if desired. Dharma sheets are high-end luxury, 100% cotton and soft to the touch. Dharma’s studio is spacious, filled with natural light to enhance your experience.

Each session begins and ends with Tibetan singing bowls, discovered by Rev. Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn, LMT, MMP during his travels throughout India- which produce gentle soundwaves that relax and soothe mind, body and soul.

Here at Dharma Massage & Wellness, we aim to help you find your calm and recapture your physical, spiritual, and emotional balance in life.
Dharma Massage & Wellness is soul work accomplished by the science of touch. At Dharma, we listen to you deeply and help to set you free from your pain.

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Meet Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn, LMT, MMP

Mark has always believed the science of touch can facilitate physical and emotional healing which is why he loves this work. Clients often remark how changed they feel following a massage and have nicknamed him a “massage minister.”

Mark combines his skill and training as a massage therapist with his spiritual power allowing him to resolve conventional muscle and joint ailments while pouring pure energy into your session. Mark’s hands are a conduit of a larger grace.

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100% cotton black, grey, white $27

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People rave about Dharma Massage & Wellness


I gotta tell you that when I leave, I find that I’m in a state of lightness for the remainder of the day
I feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Blissful and serene. You are tailor-made for your chosen path and it is a blessing to receive your gift.


Janet Cohen
Janet Cohen
From the Tibetan bells to Mark’s explanation of every aspect of your massage, the Dharma experience is exquisite. Mark’s ability to modulate the pressure he applies while still giving a complete massage is noteworthy, constantly asking how you are feeling. It’s well worth the time and I can assure you that you’ll become a regular... and your body and mind will thank you.
Kristin Edwards
Kristin Edwards
mark is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. he also communicates well about your musculature and how he’s treating you. i prefer derp tissue and mark applies strong pressure without causing soreness after the fact. i highly recommend mark ar dharma massage therapy.
Tiffany Weitzer
Tiffany Weitzer
Mark is great! Super professional and communicative. I feel amazing after working with him and he goes out of his way to explain why he's working on certain areas and what muscles live there and are causing pain. Very friendly too! Highly recommend!
Marla Chandler
Marla Chandler
Mark is a master. It was the best massage ever--every time! I can not recommend enough.
Ben Carpenter
Ben Carpenter
Mark has been very beneficial to me since the first time I saw him. I don't have major issues, but my body, specifically my upper back, is generally tight, and Mark finds a way to loosen it up every time! I always feel recovered the next morning. Mark also has an incredible understanding of the body and constantly communicates with you about pressure levels and if anything specific hurts or doesn't feel right. I highly recommend Mark to anyone experiencing tightness or pain, or even to anyone who simply wants an hour or two of relaxation!
Robyn Carpenter
Robyn Carpenter
Mark has been an instrumental asset for my whole family. He began working on my husband who has chronic neck and shoulder pain. then he worked on my son opening up his shoulders, then my daughter who has low back and hamstring challenges from English riding and Field hockey, then he began working on me as I carry stress in my shoulders. He is professional, warm and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he relieves our body aches and pains with compassion and grace.
Amy Comey
Amy Comey
My experience with Mark has been top notch. I have chronic low back issues and Mark has alleviated so much of my pain and lack of range of motion. He is so knowledgeable in regards to human anatomy and physiology and how to manipulate it through massage. He is always very professional making my experience relaxing as well as therapeutic. My husband recently had Mark come to our house for an 80 min deep tissue session to treat his neck pain due to bad posture and stress. My husband walked away feeling so much better and with a wealth of knowledge regarding posture, hydration and overall health. We would both highly recommend Mark!
Kimberly Brenner
Kimberly Brenner
Mark is a true healer and the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. When you enter the beautiful space at Dharma, you immediately feel relaxed and taken care of. Mark is truly knowledgeable and you always walk away from the session feeling that you have done something truly healing for yourself.
Susan Reynolds
Susan Reynolds
Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. I had forgotten what being totally relaxed felt like. The heated table just added to the experience to make it more wonderful than anything I’ve experienced in years. Who knew doing something so healthy for your body could actually feel so good! 24 hours later and I’m still amazed at the flexibility I’ve been able to recover. Best investment I’ve made ever!


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