Equine Bodywork

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Mark performing equine bodywork on a horse

Equine Bodywork, CT, Westchester


Here at Dharma Massage & Wellness, we use the Masterson Method. With this method, we focus on the horse’s natural response to bodywork. Unlike other modalities, the Masterson Method is guided by the horse’s natural response to our touch, allowing us to listen, in a sense, to their needs.

The horse will release tension accumulated in critical parts of its body, allowing for better movement and performance. We work with, not against the horse, by using a gentle approach to make them more comfortable. We invite the horse to move through resistance so they can find their relaxed state.

Equine Bodywork

Dharma uses the Masterson Method which focuses on the horse’s natural response to bodywork, which allows horses to release their tension and improve their range of motion.

Massage therapist Mark performing horse bodywork

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