3 Facts About The Masterson Method Equine Bodywork

It is easy for us, humans, to describe and communicate what we experience after a soothing yoga session or a revitalizing massage; our bodies typically feel relaxed and rejuvenated, sometimes even taller! However, this is not the case for animals. To remedy this, many techniques dedicated to animal well-being have been developed; the Masterson Method is one of them. 

This approach to equine bodywork focuses on building trust between horses and their human counterparts. By relieving built-up tension in core muscles and key junctions, a few sessions with a certified trainer can resolve years of stress and stiffness. Additionally, the horses’ performance and ability to communicate and bond with humans will notably improve. 

1. Physical Therapy For Your Horse

The Masterson Method works with both humans and horses to help the latter relieve tension and relax. Because the stretches and exercises consist of soft, non-forced movements, this technique has long been considered a gentle form of equine physical therapy. 

2. Beneficial For All Horses

From racehorses to draft horses, these noble animals still perform a wide variety of jobs that are often overlooked. The intensity of these tasks can put an excess of pressure on their bodies, thus leading to built-up tension, injuries and behavioral problems. 

Through delicate stretching and massage techniques, the Masterson Method provides  horses with gentle tension relief, making them feel loved and helping them regain confidence and overall well-being. 

3. The Most Non-Invasive Technique Around 

Masterson Method practitioners are rigorously trained to ensure they achieve excellent results. They can, therefore, interpret horses’ body language and responses; this allows them to proceed with care and apply just the right amount of pressure while massaging and stretching the animal’s body. 

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At Dharma Massage of Westport, CT, we use a gentle approach to make horses feel comfortable and in harmony with their caregivers. By inviting the horse to move through resistance, we allow them to find their own relaxed state. 

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