Why Choose Dharma Massage Therapy in Westport, CT

Dr. Mark L. Heilshorn, LMT, MMP, our licensed massage therapist, personalizes each massage to match what each client needs the most. Unlike other massage therapists, Dharma Massage Therapy works to explore your needs before the session to ensure a special and unique experience for each client — it’s not an impersonal à la carte service menu. 

Instead of listing the many factors of why Westport residents flock to Dharma Massage Therapy and exclusively work with Heilshorn, hear what some of our clients have to say about their experiences with the man himself:


Westport Tennis Player Chooses Dharma Massage Therapy

Almost three years ago, Harlon came to Mark Heilshorn for massage therapy — and the rest is history. Being an avid, competitive tennis player with double hip surgery, as well as five neck and back surgeries under his belt, Harlon wanted to feel at his prime again. 

With Heilshorn’s expertise and attention to detail, he has not only helped Harlon walk more upright but has helped increase the flexibility of his hips, strengthened his upper body, and lessened the potential of heightened post-surgery pain.

As Harlon stated, “If you get the right massage therapist — and I think there’s a couple of keys to that — it absolutely should be a part of your regular physical health, and to a degree, your mental health.” When asked about Heilshorn and Dharma Massage Therapy, Harlon stated, “[sic: Mark] you’re a great listener — so, it’s not a one-way street; I don’t think you come to the massage with preconceived notions of ‘This is how it has to work.” 

Harlon continued, “And I think during the massage, you’ve actively asked for feedback. And if something’s too much pressure, we back off; if it’s not enough, we increase.”


Westport Resident Relied on Dharma Massage Therapy for Pregnancy Pain

During our client’s second pregnancy, she was experiencing unbearable sciatic nerve pains. That said, she turned to Mark Heilshorn for help and couldn’t have been happier! When asked about why she loves Dharma Massage Therapy, our client said, “I had kind of never even thought of a massage for a pregnancy, but then, there was like no hesitation to coming to see you ‘cause, well, I felt comfortable; I love your knowledge of things.”

Watch our client and Heilshorn’s full interview on our About Us page


Westport Resident Says Dharma Massage Therapy Improved Her Skin and Sleep

A client of ours stated that because of Mark Heilshorn at Dharma Massage Therapy, “I have actually found improved skin, I sleep better — definitely, Tuesdays are my best night’s sleep. You really utilize the full 90 minutes; not every massage therapist does that.” When asked if she recommends Dharma Massage Therapy in Westport, Connecticut, our client stated, “I don’t see any reason why somebody wouldn’t want to try. And I know if they do try, they’ll be hooked.”

You can watch our client and Heilshorn’s full interview on our About Us page


Licensed Massage Therapist in Westport, Connecticut

Mark Heilshorn is a licensed Westport massage therapist like no other. From the moment you walk through the door at Dharma Massage Therapy, you’ll instantly feel as if you are in a safe haven. 

Experience the difference of personalized massage therapy by booking a session with Heilshorn today.