Relax & Unwind


To reclaim your spirit means to reconnect – with your reverence for life and your sacred purpose, or Dharma.


  • Recognize that you are more than your mind – your job, your wealth, your title, your ambitions, your achievements – and to know that you are enough
  • Reclaim your heart – its honesty and truth – love yourself and live a life of meaning, purpose and abundance
  • Heal your spirit – for we are all wounded, have felt pain, separate, alone and afraid. Through connection we learn that we are not alone and we are one
  • Rewrite your story – with love, and compassion for self and others
  • Discover again the power of prayer and meditation and reveal the Truth of who you are – find courage, faith and authenticity
  • Repair separation and heal relationships through meaningful connection born of a forgiving heart – for yourself and others
  • Quietly look into your soul, still your mind, open your heart and experience the mystery of life
  • Learn, grow and give freely of your gifts to all


Living by Teillard de Chardin’s maxim, “We are all spiritual beings having a human experience,” Mark helps his clients to live their best lives.

Mark was born and raised in the East Coast. After college he worked for AmeriCares and traveled to Rome where he met and was inspired by Mother Teresa – leading him to Divinity school. Mark became a pastor, earned a doctorate, got married, raised a family, and got divorced – then lost his way. Pain is a great teacher and Mark is a great student. Parting ways with the Church he had served for many years, he was introduced to the secular world. Free from the rigid schedule of church and family, Mark became an entrepreneur and salesman, became active in his community, took up Bikram Yoga and hiking, and co-parented his three kids as a single father. When a long-term sales position ended in 2017, he took off to Martha’s Vineyard, stood by the sea, and realized his new calling – massage therapy – which he successfully trained for and developed into Dharma Massage Therapy and Dharma Equine Bodywork. Mark completes his therapeutic offerings by including Dharma Spirit Coaching. Highly credentialed and hugely talented, Mark is passionate about helping people.

A devoted dad, avid gardener, and a force of nature when it comes to the great outdoors, Mark is happiest when helping you light up from within.