Dharma” has the meaning of “following your true purpose” in Sanskrit

Mark HeilshornMark Heilshorn was on the road for years and eventually headed to Westport, in search of his changing purpose.

Coming from Long Island, he has always dreamt of becoming part of a commitment that is was at an international level. He moved to volunteer for Americares and was immediately activated to render assistance at a severe earthquake site at El Salvador.

Americares had a base at New Canaan and Heilshorn was residing in Darien though he was in Westport a lot. It was there that he states to have experienced real charm and found life in a town hopping with true character.

He had the honor of meeting Mother Teresa in Rome while providing aide to the Sudanese crisis during the 4 years serving Americares. He then applied to Yale Divinity School the following year where he was accepted.

For the subsequent 20 years, he was a minister in New Hampshire and Woodbury, Connecticut at United Church of Christ. There, he claimed to have attained a reputation for owning hands that heal as well as having a true passion for spiritual development.

After going through a divorce, Heilshorn diverted his aim in life to business where he found himself working in medical sales as well as a motivational speaker.

While vacationing with his girlfriend named Susan Filan a few years ago, Heilshorn went through a massage session. He felt revitalized and had a realization about his own gift for both spiritual and physical healing.

Mark Heilshorn's healing hands

He then went through training and was ready to begin his own business at Westport.

Dharma Massage Therapy was opened on Richmondville Avenue within the Mill Complex. The Mill offers a relaxing and peaceful environment with large windows allowing for natural light to come in and create an inviting space for clients. He states that it was the warmth and great character that feels welcoming to patrons into the safe place.

His studio is where he believes his purpose in life gets fulfilled when his spiritual energy gets transferred to people through his massages.

His massages are believed to not only relieve knots but to let the body be free and breathe. A rejuvenating massage is when the body lets go of energy and pressure to let in nourishing blood.

Heilshorn’s dharma massage technique combines both physical and spiritual therapy.

Those who come to him to be relieved of body triggers comprise of physically active clients with pains in lower backs, necks, and knees. They wish to continue playing sports like tennis or golf or continue their daily activities with better and improved muscles and limbs.

The walls of Dharma Massage Therapy on Richmondville Avenue include this handsome image of a horse.Today, he aims to train in massage therapy for horses. He believes that horses go through periods of stress too which require massages to provide relief. Heilshorn is nowhere near the end of his dharma massage journey.



Mark Heilshorn Finds Dharma In Massage

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